The Tweens and Teen Ministries provide our youth with social, educational, and spiritual enrichment. There are opportunities to develop lasting friendships while at the same time participating in parish life and assisting others.

Holy Cross Tweens & Teens
The objective of both of these groups is to enable our young people to develop and grow a personal relationship with Jesus. This is achieved by inviting and encouraging them to become active members of our church through age-appropriate activities and ministries. Everyone has the ability to bring Jesus to others and these young people surely do come forward to show His love. Our goal as a parish is to foster a welcoming atmosphere that offers these young people the opportunities to discover and share their gifts. They have so much to give!! Working with them is a blessing in itself.

Remembering that they are gifted to serve God always, we are committed to bringing their gifts forward by encouraging them to try different ministries at least once (How else will they know if this ministry suits them?) When they experience the joy of being part of a community of Catholics that give of themselves with love and real care, they are eager to continue to be involved.

Please help me by encouraging those tweens and teens that you come in contact with, to join you and help you in planning and participating in our parish groups. Yes, these teens are strong and energetic and it's great when they help us set up chairs and such, but their minds with new ideas and enthusiasm are a valuable asset to us that keep us all young.

It takes more than one person to welcome these young people. Please be open and aware and inviting to our teens whenever you can.

All students are welcome to participate in any or all events. For the latest news and upcoming opportunities, check out the individual pages for Junior High and Senior High.