All parishioners have something to share with the greater community. Get comfortable with who God made you to be.

Please know that you are welcomed and valued for the contributions you offer. Your time and talent are a great support for those whose loyal efforts manage ongoing ministries.

MINISTRIES (Ongoing Minister Opportunity)

All are Welcome! Come and Serve!

In Need of An Altar Server Coordinator
Thank you to the Hoelperls for serving Holy Cross in this capacity. As they are moving on to other ministries, we need someone to take over this important ministry of training (we have a guide book) and scheduling servers for all Masses. Participating in the Creating a Safe Environment training is a pre-requisite. Please call the parish office at 663-2244 if you are interested.

Help Lead a Brief Sunday Service at Shore Winds Nursing Home
We’re looking for parishioners to join our team of ministers, one of whom leads a 20-25 minute service each Sunday at 10:30 AM; each includes the Sunday scriptures along with a bit of commentary and perhaps an interlude of music. You would be called on every 5 or 6 weeks if we can increase the number of ministers on our team.

This little-known ministry that takes place every Sunday at Shore Winds Nursing Home has been active for 20 years. Many have found this ministry to be very rewarding as it is a beautiful way to spread God’s Word. Taken a Scripture class or Bible study? This is helpful, but not required.

Interested? Please contact Frank Kirchgessner at

Donate a Large Print Bible?

Our team is also in need of large print bibles for the Shore Winds residents. Please contact Frank Kirchgessner if you have one you can donate to this ministry.

We Need Help Maintaining Our Website

We update our website with current content once a week. Right now we have two volunteers who manage this and have been doing so for many years. No need to know HTML. Training will be provided. It takes approximately 1 to 2 hours per week. You need a computer and access to the internet. Many hands make light work. We really need your assistance. Contact Jenny Ertel, 663-5468 or via e-mail at

Seeking Volunteers to Clean the Church
We need a few more people to help clean the church on Saturday mornings at 8:30 AM. Join as a team, or volunteer as an individual to join an existing team. Your team would be responsible for cleaning about once every 10 weeks. The duties include swiftering, vacuuming, cleaning the chalices, straightening and some other simple (but important) duties. It only takes about an hour and there will be an experienced cleaner on hand to show you the ropes.

If interested, please call the parish office to volunteer at 663-2244.

Funeral Luncheon Ministry In order to continue this ministry of caring for God’s people here at Holy Cross, we need to ask for help and there are many ways that one can be involved: Pick up food trays from a local store; Set up; Serve; Clean up; and/or Send in a dish of food. We would like to set this up, so that it may not be an overwhelming time commitment for any one person. If you have helped out in the past, if you are able to continue helping in this ministry, or if you would like to start helping, please call the office. (663-2244).

Seeking Funeral Greeters and Adult Altar Servers More...

Join the Team that Manages Our Food Shelf
Looking to respond to the suffering in our part of the world? We need ministers to organize and maintain our food shelf as well as pull together bags of food for the needy in our area when a request is submitted to the parish office. Interested? Please call Father Wheeland at 663-2244.

Children’s Liturgy is in need of a new team.
Might you or someone you know be interested in sharing the Sunday Liturgy will young children? Contact Mary Toot at 621-8133 More...

Martha & Mary Ministry

Coffee Hour Volunteers Needed

Serve at the Blessed Sacrament Supper
Anyone interested in helping Holy Cross serve dinner at the Blessed Sacrament Supper Program, should call Mary Bringley at 467-9274. We need a commitment of about 2 hours of your time on any 1st Tuesday of the month. We serve dinner and then clean up. Everyone is welcome!

Be Our Representative for Habitat for Humanity
Holy Cross is one of nine Greece churches that have joined together to sponsor a Habitat home in the City of Rochester. Anyone interested in being our parish representative, should call Mary Bringley at 467-9274.

Make Bibs for Baptisms
One of the great prides at Holy Cross is a gift we give to each child baptized - the symbolic white garment. We are in need of people to create Baptismal Bibs who can edge and embroider the design on them. Whether you do this by hand or by machine, the only requirement is that, while you work, you pray for the child who will wear it, as well as for the parents and godparents bringing up the child in our Catholic faith. Please call the parish office at 663-2244 or e-mail Mary Jo DiNoto at 

Welcoming Ministry
Seeking parishioners to be part of the Welcoming Ministry. All you need to do is arrive at Mass about 10-15 minutes and stay a few minutes late, stand at the various doors and greet people, wish them a good day, say hello. If they have any concerns, just pass them along to me or any member of Parish Council. The beauty is there are no meetings. You should only be asked to do this once or twice a year.

Interested? Need more info? Please contact Pat Gunther at 581-1633 or

Cantor Ministry

Please consider using your gift for our Lord by sharing His Word through music. More...

Children's Liturgy Seeks Adults to Continue this Important Ministry
Training and resources are provided. Please consider joining our Children’s Liturgy team and making this ministry happen. For more information, please visit the Children's Liturgy web page or contact Mary Toot at 621-8133 or via e-mail at

Brighten Someone's Day!
Periodically throughout the year, cards are sent to our sick and shut-in parishioners. We are seeking volunteers to assist in this worthy ministry. Interested? Please call Barbara Bell at 663-2244.

Adult Helpers Needed for Teen Events
Give it a try... these teens are great and it's a blessing to be with them. Call Donna at 621-8133. 

Contemporary Music Ensemble More...

Adult Choir More...

Hand Bell Choir More...

We Need Ushers - Men, Women, and Teens
An Invitation to All Interested in Becoming or Continuing to Be an Usher 
Calling all Holy Cross men, women and teens who are interested in serving as a Sunday and Holy Day usher! If you are available as a regular or part-time assistant usher, we invite you to learn about the duties of an usher, in greeting and assisting people attending Mass. No special experience is required—just a friendly smile. More...

Join the Holy Cross Posse

We are rounding up a posse to help with parking at Holy Cross. We are looking for women and men, teens and seniors to help direct parking in our parking lots. With the number at Masses and the loss of parking area because of snow, we want to be able to direct people so that every possible parking place is used. Primary, we are looking for teams for before the 5 PM Saturday Mass, the Sunday Masses at 10 AM and Noon. Also we would have a team in the school parking lot before and after the Religion Ed classes on Sunday. That would be from 11-11:30 AM and from 12-12:30 PM. We would like to begin the weekend of January 8/9.

Ideally it would be good to have teams of 3 people. If we have 4 teams per week (16 teams of 3 total), you would only have to do it once a month. We might also use the people for other possible events where parking attendants are need.

If you are interested, please call the Parish Office at 663-2244 and leave your name and phone number or

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