Why don't Catholics use the Bible?

The answer Father George Heyman gives on under Commonly Asked Questions is that many years ago, it was feared that anyone’s private interpretation might conflict with the church’s interpretation. Since we are a bible-based people, this changed with Vatican II and we were encouraged to use the Bible as a source of inspiration, a source of prayer, and a source of access to the world in which Jesus lived. Further, it is a source of access to God’s word for us today. We are also encouraged to find a good “librarian” to help us understand the many books of the bible and the complexities of ancient scripture. The church offers a scholarly community to serve as librarians: Pastors, Bible Study Leaders,Catechists, and Evangelists.

Some Christian faith traditions memorize many texts. The Catholic Church has never practiced this and perhaps we might gain something by adding this to our traditions.Regardless, we have always known that the texts are important and so we need not shy away from exploring the bible and seeking the additional wisdom our Catholic faith tradition provides.