Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester

Bordered on the north by
Lake Ontario, south by the
Pennsylvania border, west by
the Diocese of Buffalo and
east by the Diocese of
Syracuse, the Diocese of

The Vatican

The official website of the Vatican.


The programs of NCCB/USCCB range over the spectrum of Catholic concerns-from prayers and worship to the state of the economy, from revitalizing parishes to averting nuclear war, from promoting vocations to protecting life.

Catholic Courier

An electronic edition of the Catholic Courier Newspaper of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, NY.

Charlotte Community Association

The Charlotte Community Association provides a forum for local residents and stakeholders to come together and discuss issues and to plan and promote events that occur in this unique and vibrant neighborhood.

Holy Sepluchre Catholic Cemetery

Serves as a blessed gathering place where the faithful can celebrate Christ's promise of life everlasting. The serene, reverent environment offers a quiet retreat to pray, reflect and remember loved ones who have gone.

For Catholic Voters

Join the Catholic Action Network. All you need to do is provide the required information in the on-line form and you will be subscribed to their emails and notifications. The emails to your representatives are prewritten and, once submitted, they will.

Catholic Answers

Catholic Answers is the largest Catholic apologetics and evangelization organization in North America. We are lay people devoting our full-time efforts to promoting the Catholic faith through books, booklets, tracts, Our staff apologists answers questions about the faith and give parish seminars.

Charlotte Business Association

The businesses featured in our directory (updated quarterly) are engaged in community wide efforts and do not represent all the businesses within our neighborhood. We look to expand our reach and welcome industry and manufacturing partnerships that help meet the greater needs through procurement. Join us and let’s start discussions!

We provide general information to our community as needed along with any proposal efforts for new development we become aware of.

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