Offertory & Parish Tithing

Parish Offertory Program

Your financial support and hands-on interest in programs is critical for the future of our parish. We need to increase our average weekly collection and also broaden our volunteer base. It is important that every parishioner participate in our Parish Offertory Program. To see the progress of our weekly collections, see the Sunday bulletin under Blessings of Financial Stewardship or check our website. Please consider the blessings God has given you and remember what He asks of his children in return.

We seek to raise our average weekly offering
We need those who can, to give more because we have not yet made this year’s goal of $ 12,236.00 per weekly offering and there may be some who will have to cut back because of the loss of income.

See current bulletin to see where we stand in our current Fiscal Year for Sunday collections - Budgeted vs. Actual to-date.

Offertory Commitment

If we truly believe that God gives us all that we have, trust is our response. When we recognize that our real security lies in God, we can then decide what we will return to the Lord. Our God, who has given us all, will take care of our future.

Consider living more simply— We cannot find fulfillment in possessions. They add nothing to our self-worth. Jesus blessed the “poor in spirit” in his Sermon on the Mount; and Saint Francis of Assisi urged us to live with only what was necessary, for that is how we begin to find God.

Make a difference in your parish community—Believe it or not, your parish community can use your talents. Offering your talents to your faith community is one of the most effective ways to feel useful and connected to others, and is potentially life-changing.

Plan Your Giving

Have You Taken the Time to Plan Your Giving?
We ask you to develop a plan to use your gifts for the good of the Church. In doing so, you not only help us with our annual budget process, but you also begin giving in a mindful way, returning to God a portion of all that He provides you, and assuring His continued blessings. If we approach our giving from the point of view of giving back to God what he has given to us, our gift will always be the right gift. We also ask you to consider “wrapping” your financial gift in a weekly (or monthly) parish envelope.

We encourage all to look at the Annual Income vs. Tithing Chart to begin planning your giving based on a percentage of your income. Please also consider the options of Online Giving or Electronic Transfer as a means for regular giving.

Parish Tithing

A number of years ago, we as a Parish, chose to become a Tithing Parish. That means that we set aside a percentage of the parish offertory income to help those in need. At present we give to the Woman’s Care Center, located on Lake Ave. This organization helps women to be able to chose life. We give to The Churches of the America’s (formerly Corpus Christi) that runs a number of outreach programs, such as Matthew’s Closet which provides clothing for the needy. We also support Catholic Family. Our donation goes toward their shelters for the homeless. In addition, we use a portion of our tithing money for food vouchers to help the hungry of our area through our Holy Cross Emergency Food Shelf.

Thank you for your generosity!

Each year in the fall we send out a letter asking people to give a projection of what financial support they will give in our Parish Offertory Program for that year.