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Our Church is Open                        for Private Prayer

While Bishop Matano has suspended all public Masses throughout our diocese, he has encouraged parishes to be open so the faithful can stop in for private prayer. Here at Holy Cross (as it is at the time this bulletin is being prepared), our church will be open on Wednesdays from 1:00 until 5:00 PM and Saturdays from 8:00 until 9:00 AM (this, of course, is subject to change if new directives are made). We certainly ask anyone who is sick/not feeling well that you not come to church in an effort to avoid the possibility of making others sick. You will enter through the North door of church or the Parish Center doors (the other doors will remain locked). There is hand sanitizer available when you enter and everyone is asked to use it upon entering. We ask that everyone be very conscious of social distancing—please stay at least 6 feet apart when in church. Let each of us remember this time is set aside for private prayer and to be respectful of each other, we ask that there be no socializing in church—just social distancing. 

Still open for Confession at 3:30 PM on Saturdays.

Mass Schedule

Weekend Masses
5:00 PM Suspended
8:00 AM Suspended
10:00 AM Suspended
12:00 PM Suspended
Daily Masses
Mondays & Fridays
5:20 PM Suspended
Tuesday thru Thursday
7:30 AM Suspended

The Pontifical Good Friday Collection

Pope Francis has asked our parish to support the Pontifical Good Friday Collection, which helps Christians in the Holy Land. Through the Pontifical Good Friday  Collection, you stand in solidarity with the Church in the Holy Land as a witness of peace, supporting Catholics there in parishes and schools, maintaining Christian shrines and caring for refugees in the Holy Land.

We will be grateful for your support of the Holy Land and ask that you drop your envelope in the mail or make your contribution through online giving.

For more information about Christians in the Holy Land, visit www.myfranciscan.org/good-friday.

Divine Mercy Sunday                        Sunday, April 19 at 2:30 PM

Join Holy Cross online for our service. We will have Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and sing the “Divine Mercy Chaplet.”

Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl

Please do not be concerned during this coronavirus health emergency about the collection of your alms. As you know these alms usually begin coming in after Palm Sunday. However, collection of the    alms offerings will be delayed until we are able to return to our normal parish Mass schedule. Thank you for journeying through Lent with CRS Rice Bowl!

Calendar and Upcoming Events

Parish Life is how we define fellowship at Holy Cross. It’s the many opportunities to share and enjoy God’s gifts of friendship and fun with other who share the same Christian values.


Our phones will still be open so you are able to call and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  All calls should be to the Parish Office 585-663-2244 for quickest response. 

Our e-mails are still available and we will do our best to answer you as quickly as possible.  However, it is with sadness that I share, with such closings as school and office, we have had to furlough some employees.  Please pray for all affected by this pandemic in one way or another. 

May God Bless you and keep you and your families safe and healthy. Peace.

Who We Are

Holy Cross Church is a community, rich in talents, skills and gifts, and united in faith. We are a stable parish, fortunate to have a cross-section of ages including many who are second or third generation parishioners. Bring your gifts or your needs and you will find a hand to join with yours.

Funeral Planning

Funeral directors usually make contact with the church for funeral arrangements. Once this has happened, the families are encouraged to be involved in the planning of the liturgy. Contact Mary Jo DiNoto by calling the parish office at 585-663-2244.

Confirmation & First Holy Communion

We are praying for all the young people and their families preparing for Confirmation and First Communion. As soon as we are able we will let you know when we will continue. Stay safe and keep the faith!

Mrs. Mary Toot and Mrs. Donna Jacobi

Sacrament Preparation

God is actually present among us; we can see Him, hear Him, touch Him, and communicate with Him...in the Sacraments. A major responsibility of Holy Cross Church is to guide all parishioners with their preparation to receive a sacrament for the first time.

Online Giving Benefits

Online Giving: Is easy, convenient and safe. Allows you to give any amount, anytime from any device with Internet access. Puts all offerings at your fingertips to print receipts and track pledges.

Please consider making an extra generous offering in your Easter envelope. We need your support to serve all of our people. Thank you!


Ministry & Volunteering

Opportunities that involve prayers, professional expertise and physical labor in support of parish activities and the greater community. We ask each parishioner to pray and discern what God is asking of you. He only asks us to do what we do best in service to our parish and each other.

Our E Greece/Charlotte Churches’ Day of Goodness Has Been Postponed

A new date will be announced once the coronavirus has passed and we are able to gather safely again.

Why Become a Knight of Columbus

All Catholic men in good standing are welcome! You do not have to be a member of Holy Cross to join but you do have to be a member of the Diocese of Rochester. Please contact Mr. Tommy Plantone at 317-9212 for more information.


We all want to feel needed and valued. Our young people have this same need. Keeping this community of believers involved is a task to which we are all called. They seek a community where their needs are met and where they feel they belong.

Religious Ed Calendar


Holy Cross School

Holy Cross School is a vital part of our Parish and carries out our mission to teach our young about Christ. As a Parish, we have a heritage of over a hundred years of Catholic School Education, rich in the practice of Faith and the values of Jesus.


MISSION STATEMENT: Our Eucharistic Community at Holy Cross welcomes all to faith in Jesus Christ and nurtures their growth, celebrates and demonstrates God’s presence in our communities, and sends forth all to serve God and each other as guided by the Holy Spirit.